Blog Features

Blog Features

With Blog, you can be assured of quality blogging with the following features:

Drag and Drop Blocks

Add elements to your blog with a simple drag and drop element blocks.

Blog now, post later

You can compose a blog now, suffer temporal writer's block, save and write again, later.

Social media sharing

Automatically post into your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn whenever you create new blog entries.

Browse media

Embedding images and videos is fast and easy.

More third party integrations

Having other Barooc extensions to work with Blog is just a few clicks away.

Blog rating

Users can show intensity of their favorite blog post by rating them with stars.

And many more powerful features that you can use to make your blog work beautifully and professionally. Need any help? Drop by our Official forum or send our support team a ticket via our CRM. You can even check out Blog's.

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