Kurumsal kaynak planlaması - ERP

Kurumsal kaynak planlaması ya da işletme kaynak planlaması (İngilizce: Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP), işletmelerde mal ve hizmet üretimi için gereken işgücü, makine, malzeme gibi kaynakların verimli bir şekilde kullanılmasını sağlayan bütünleşik yönetim sistemlerine verilen genel addır. Kurumsal kaynak planlaması (KKP) sistemleri, bir işletmenin tüm veri ve işlemlerini bir araya getirmeye ve...
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Node.js Development with Visual Studio Code and Azure

January, 4 2017 - Jonathan Carter, @lostintangent

Between Visual Studio Code and Azure, we're trying to contribute to simplifying and improving the overall developer experience of building, debugging and deploying Node.js applications. At Node Interactive North America 2016, I was excited to be able to demo some of the work we've been doing recently based on community feedback, and this article tries to capture that workflow for folks who are interested in trying it out and/or are looking for a little more detail than I was able to cover in my talk.

The demo makes use of a simple todo app created by and published by Scotch.io. It is a single-page MEAN app, and therefore, uses MongoDB as its database, Node/Express for the REST API/web server and Angular.js 1.x for the front-end UI. Use the following ToC to jump to particular sections of interest, otherwise, continue reading ahead.


In order to effectively run through this demo, you'll need to have the following software installed:

Visual Studio Code Insiders build, which you can download here. You don't technically need the Insiders build, however, I would encourage everyone to use it since it provides access to the latest bug fixes/feature enhancements (just like Chrome Canary builds), and is the same build that the VS Code team uses.


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Kudüs'te kamyonla saldırı

Kudüs'ün doğusunda kalabalığın arasına dalan kamyon en az 4 kişinin hayatına mal oldu. Başbakan Netanyahu saldırganla ilgili bulguların IŞİD'e işaret ettiğini söyledi.

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iguazio's Enterprise Data Cloud

The description of iguazio's new flagship Enterprise Data Cloud platform is bold and simple: the world's fastest, simplest and lowest-cost enterprise data cloud. iguazio adds that unleashing the full potential of megatrend applications and analytics for big data, IoT and cloud-native applications, it has pioneered a new service-driven approach to enterprise data management, redesigning the entire data stack to accelerate performance and bridge the enterprise skill gap.

iguazio's Enterprise Data Cloud, asserts the firm, is the only secure data platform-as-a-service deployed either on-premises or in hybrid cloud architectures, with self-service portals and APIs for developers and operators.

The new unified platform delivers a breakthrough in application performance and efficiency. With only four data appliances, enterprises can store up to 10 petabytes per rack, with costs starting at $0.03 per gigabyte per month. The platform delivers 10 million transactions per second and throughput of 50 gigabytes per second with sub-100 microsecond application latencies, across streaming, NoSQL, objects or files. iguazio's "revolutionary stack" supports simultaneous high-performance access through multiple industry-standard and Amazon-compatible APIs.

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Visual Studio Code JavaScript Extensions Part 2 Oct 2016

October 31, 2016 by Wade Anderson, @waderyan_

Visual Studio Code has excellent support for JavaScript out of the box. As with other languages, JavaScript is powered by a language service. The JavaScript language service is implemented by the TypeScript team, allowing JavaScript developers to leverage the best IntelliSense experience.

But what other features can you get with VS Code? VS Code has a rich extensibility model and many features are provided through VS Code extensions. This post is a follow up to my previous post about JavaScript extensions.

Tip: Install any of these extensions by clicking the Extensions View button, typing the name of the extension in the Search box, and clicking Install. See more instructions here.

Debugger for Chrome

Marketplace - Debugger for Chrome


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